Bumble’s Second Week

Day 8 – Bumble Plays Hockey! ¬†I received several messages after this one was posted telling me that Bumble was sure to win this game haha. But with a super hero team, I can assure you, that my Leafs Bear won ūüôā

Day 9 – Ice Fishing at the North Pole. ¬†We had a¬†hectic day and a¬†change of plans that meant we had¬†to scramble last minute for this one. But I am super happy with his adventure ūüôā

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Day 10 – Weeeeee! ¬†We don’t have any snow yet, so we thought a little blizzard in the living room would be fun. It only took 4 tries before we finally remembered how to cut a darn snowflake though. Al pouted at first when I asked for his help, but as you can see by all the intricate¬†flakes, his mood changed and he has a lot of fun!

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Day 11 – Bumbles helps Mommy bake! ¬†Brooklynn loved this one and kept asking to make “elf tookies”. ¬†After 6 hours in the kitchen and 5 ridiculously time consuming recipes, our baking was finished.

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Day 12 – Bumble goes potty. ¬†This one would have been more successful if the dog hadn’t drank all the apple juice “pee” and ate the chocolate chip “poops” that Bumble left us. I expected this day to be a little more exciting for Brooklynn since she been doing so well with her potty training, but apparently the holidays mean a break from EVERYTHING. She is back to diapers again, but hopefully we can try in the new year with better results.

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Day 13 – Bumble has milk and cookies for breakfast. ¬†This was a simple one to throw together last minute as well. ¬†We went to the aquarium that morning, so a handful of cookies and a sippy cup of milk was the perfect breakfast for the kids too ūüôā

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Day 14 РCandy Cane Hunt! Bumble left a note for the kids letting them know that 10 candy canes were hidden in the house.  If they could find them all, Mommy would give them a special surprise; a gingerbread house to build.  They both loved the candy cane hunt.  Lincoln kept asking to hide them again and again. I think Easter is going to be his favorite holiday!

Day 15 РBumble makes a fort!  The kids love to rip apart my couch and make forts, so that was the idea behind this one.  Instead of making their own fort, they built a mega block city surrounding Bumble. Guess that works too!

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