Bumble’s Last Week

Holy moly, I never thought I’d finish these updates!  But alas, our little Bumble is gone back to the North Pole and life has returned to mediocre dysfunction once again. Here are the last few days of our Elf on the Shelf’s antics.

Day 16 – Bumble caught a cold from the kids. It was bound to happen eventually with all the plaque monkeys running around here.


Day 17 – Bumble helps Santa pack the sleigh!  Can’t go anywhere without good winter skis and a tonne of presents.


Day 18 – Bumble brings a tree to the kids.  I love the idea of this felt tree and how simple it was to make, but it sure didn’t last very long.  Within hours, every ornament and candy cane became a magnet for dirt and pet hair. The kids were frustrated trying to make them stick on the tree and quickly moved on to throwing the toilet paper. #fail

Day 19 – Bumble goes camping!!  I was out of town for the night so Alain was left to figure out this one.  Good job Daddy 🙂


Day 20 – Bumble delivers the “Golden Ticket”.  I had seen this idea many times and fell in love.  The golden ticket is similar to the one received by the children in the movie The Polar Bear Express except ours was a ticket onto the MiniVan Express.  After dinner, we put the kids in their jammies, filled sippy cups with hot chocolate (warm milk for this year), a bowl of popcorn and tucked them into their car seats with festive blankets. We drove around the city scoping out all the best christmas light displays.  We really enjoyed the tour and the kids stayed awake to the bitter end. We will continue this lights tour tradition for as long as the kids will put up with it 🙂

Day 21 – Bumble builds a train.  I had planned on him having a tea party with all of Brooke’s dolls in her big doll house, but I forgot to turn the house off before she went to bed.  Every time you touch the darn thing, bells and whistles go off like crazy.  I was not willing to risk waking her after the long day we had.  Luckily, the train set was in Linc’s room and he sleeps through anything.

Day 22 – Bumble plans our next vacation. This little dude sure knows the way to my heart. Hot sandy beaches, icy cold drinks and a week of no responsibility…I can’t wait to see where we go this year!


Day 23 – Bumble’s last day. Dave and I have been watching the Grinch on Christmas Eve for nearly 30 years and now we can pass the tradition onto the kids. We have finger foods for dinner and play games in evening while while Christmas music plays in the background.  Being serenaded by Michael Bublé and sipping egg nog from a plastic wine glasse brings such joy to my heart 🙂  Grandpa and Gramma recorded themselves reading “The Night Before Christmas” for the kids, but they were so tired that we forgot to read it with them.  Ah well, there’s always next year.


I really enjoyed our first year with Bumble.  I can certainly see how it is difficult to find new adventures from him every night as the years pass, but we will keep trying!  I love the idea of the kindness elf or the toy elf, so we may incorporate those one year too.

I hope you had fun following Bumble’s antics. Feel free to share or recreate any ideas you have seen 🙂

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Elfie Arrives!




Elfie Arrives!

I have ALWAYS loved the holidays. My mom can tell you that I used to put up my Christmas window clings as soon as school started…in September! Obnoxious right?  Well now that we have kids, I’m stepping up my game.

This year, the Elf on The Shelf will be making his grand entrance into the Dion home.  I have some really amazing mom friends who have set the bar incredibly high for this little dude, (thanks Riley!) but I’m ready!  I’ve spent weeks on Pinterest looking for ideas that I can turn toddler friendly and even organized our schedule so that most mornings, the Elf’s antics will play out during the day. Lord help me if we get snowed in!

I started by making list of all the coolest ideas I could find and then plopped them onto a calendar.  I changed days several times until it worked with our previous commitments. Here is a more simple form as not to give too much away 🙂


Then I began searching for a Welcome Letter template but found that most are pretty wordy and often repeat what is written in the book.  I couldn’t find anything toddler-friendly, at least for my guys, so I wrote a poem instead.  It is still longer than I had hoped, but I’ve added some actions to help keep the kids engaged while we read it.  They will be smarter next year, right? haha

Welcome Letter2

I wrapped most of the kid’s gifts the other night and thought I’d get the Elf out of the way at the same time. Well, of course I would forget to add in his adoption certificate, so I’ll have to just tuck it into the story before we read it.

Adoption Certificate

So now we’re ready for the fun to begin!  My aunt found these super cool advent calendars down in Florida that are filled with toys. Once the countdown is finished, the kids can match up the numbers on the toy with the numbered spaces on the play mat and it makes a really cute scene. If all goes well, I’ll get to eat the chocolates each day and the kids can keep the toys 🙂  Cause we all know Alain didn’t get me the Lindor advent that I beg for each year.