Always Go Back to the Bus Stop. Always.

Last week I attended a workshop about the effects of social media on our parenting styles and how competitive parenting is a real problem.

I agreed with a lot of the points the speaker made until we started discussing “The Pinterest Mom”. I was suddenly feeling guilty for my 2500 pins. I use Pinterest all the time but not because I want to portray to the world that I have my shit together…because I don’t. I use Pinterest as a tool to connect with my children.

I am fully aware that my kids will not remember the elaborate birthday parties or carefully planned scavenger hunts we had, but I will. They will not remember the cute seasonal crafts or the hours Bumble spent hiding at Christmas time, but I absolutely will.

I hope that when my teenagers look at their baby pictures, they will smile and know that we tried. Days when they hate us and don’t understand the rules we have for our home, I hope they know that our intentions were pure and our love for them has never faltered. Having happy memories of a few Pinterest success, but mostly fails, will be nostalgic and memories we can laugh about. I will remember those days and be grateful that we made it through the tough times.

Parenting is hard. So many days I want to quit this thankless gig but I can’t. It is my responsibility to always find a reason to persevere and sometimes, making ridiculous crafts we saw on Pinterest will help to avoid a meltdown. The crayons may not melt properly or the glue didn’t hold, but I spent an hour away from all my daily distractions and played with my children. We shared quality time together probably teaching them that it is okay to fail. It is okay not to be good at everything. It is fun to be resourceful and easy to find inspiration from others that we can bring into our home. These are the moments that matter. Being present and making an effort will assure them that our wells will never run dry and our arms are always open…reaching for more.


My good friend once said to me “some days you walk your kids to the bus stop and think about how great it would be to not pick them up” and it’s true.  There are days when we want to kick those little monsters out on the curb and never look back, but we have to turn around.  We can’t throw in the towel because others are judging us. We can’t walk away because life is hard. It doesn’t matter what our clothes look like, how messy our hair is, or what kind of car we drive.  What matters is that despite every obstacle, we keep going back.  Every single time, go back to the bus stop and bring your kids home.


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