Elfie Arrives!

I have ALWAYS loved the holidays. My mom can tell you that I used to put up my Christmas window clings as soon as school started…in September! Obnoxious right?  Well now that we have kids, I’m stepping up my game.

This year, the Elf on The Shelf will be making his grand entrance into the Dion home.  I have some really amazing mom friends who have set the bar incredibly high for this little dude, (thanks Riley!) but I’m ready!  I’ve spent weeks on Pinterest looking for ideas that I can turn toddler friendly and even organized our schedule so that most mornings, the Elf’s antics will play out during the day. Lord help me if we get snowed in!

I started by making list of all the coolest ideas I could find and then plopped them onto a calendar.  I changed days several times until it worked with our previous commitments. Here is a more simple form as not to give too much away 🙂


Then I began searching for a Welcome Letter template but found that most are pretty wordy and often repeat what is written in the book.  I couldn’t find anything toddler-friendly, at least for my guys, so I wrote a poem instead.  It is still longer than I had hoped, but I’ve added some actions to help keep the kids engaged while we read it.  They will be smarter next year, right? haha

Welcome Letter2

I wrapped most of the kid’s gifts the other night and thought I’d get the Elf out of the way at the same time. Well, of course I would forget to add in his adoption certificate, so I’ll have to just tuck it into the story before we read it.

Adoption Certificate

So now we’re ready for the fun to begin!  My aunt found these super cool advent calendars down in Florida that are filled with toys. Once the countdown is finished, the kids can match up the numbers on the toy with the numbered spaces on the play mat and it makes a really cute scene. If all goes well, I’ll get to eat the chocolates each day and the kids can keep the toys 🙂  Cause we all know Alain didn’t get me the Lindor advent that I beg for each year.






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