Each Fall, I…

Each Fall, I feel a little sad that the camping and swimming season has come to an end, but it is hard to contain my excitement for what is to come.

I am very fortunate to live in a part of the world that has four very distinct seasons; and fall is one of my favorites. I love warming up with a cup of coffee on cool mornings when the ground smells of fresh rain from the morning dew.  I love the afternoon sun shining in the windows and the quiet way the days start slipping into night without even realizing it. I love the colors of the trees when they start to turn and the fluffy piles of leaves meticulously raked, waiting to be jumped in. There is something magical about the fall and its beautiful.


Each fall, I dig out the bins of holiday decorations and prepare for the day when its “not too early” to put out my pumpkins and scarecrows. These fall decorations are like a gateway drug that lead to Christmas. My MOST favorite time of the year. The hot days of summer are a welcome break from the rain and snow of seasons past, but the fall brings a time of traditions and memories shared with family. Times spent running carelessly through a corn maze or riding on a bumpy hay wagon through the pumpkin patch, searching for the perfect jack-o-lantern face are memories I hope my children will one day share with their own family.

Even the food is better in the fall. Chunky stews, creamy soups and freshly baked pies make my heart happy and mouth salivate.  This girl loves to eat and there is never a shortage of comfort food just a casserole dish away!

This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post, where writers gather together to share their versions of a completed sentence. This week’s prompt was “”Each Fall, I…” is hosted by Kristi Rieger Campbell from Finding Ninee, Julie Martinka Severson from Carvings on a Desk and ME!  This is my first time hosting a link up and I’ve really enjoyed reading the responses.Thank you Kristi for the opportunity 🙂


15 thoughts on “Each Fall, I…

  1. Oh Danielle, your writing here is luscious and scrumptious. From the morning dew to the chunky stews, you summed up my thoughts on fall exactly, and now I’m salivating, too! (don’t worry, I don’t always try to rhyme when I comment on blog posts). So glad to have stopped by and discovered your gorgeous, serene writing place here.

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  2. I adore Halloween and decorating for it so much! And comfort foods and casserole. Yum. Now I want some crock pot food. I agree with Julie – the imagery and warmth that you share is wonderful and I’m so glad that you co-hosted this week. Thank you!

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    • It was a bit of a rocky start, but I am glad I was able to co-host this week as well! Hopefully my next hosting gig will be a smooth one 🙂

      From the comments here and on my other social platforms, it seems as though all of friends have one thing in common, food! I love how a few words can make an entire network of people hungry. Thanks Kristi!


    • haha, thanks Tamara! Sadly, I can not take credit for this photo. I was a stock pic I found a few weeks ago and fell in love. However, once the leaves start turning, our trees look exactly like this for a few weeks 🙂


    • Riiight! If only we reverted back to fall after the holiday season was over. I’m always torn in the spring. Am I happy that the warmer temps are coming or am I frustrated will all the wet rain and slush? First world problems for sure. haha.


  3. I certainly enjoy the foods of Thanksgiving as well. Although, I’m really more of a summer person than a Fall or Winter person. So for me, Fall is a bittersweet time of the year. I do enjoy, however, the sights and smells of autumn; so thanks for evoking them so sweetly in your post!

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    • I do enjoy that summer as well. We love swimming and camping and bbqs. Its a great time of year. Sadly, I am one of those complainers when it gets too hot though. I know, I know…we only have the warm weather for such a short time so shut my mouth, but I can’t help it. I’m a snowbunny at heart 🙂


  4. As much as I do love summer, I also love fall, especially for Halloween and my younger daughter’s birthday right around Thanksgiving. So, I am with you on this. Oh and we have 4 distinct seasons here, as well. The only I am not a real fan of is winter as I am not much of a fan of cold weather and snow at all.

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  5. Very lovely writing here. I used to bitterly hate fall, but now it’s merely bittersweet and I’m even learning to enjoy it in my own ways, from the cooler evenings perfect for walking to football season to that crisp fall smell. Great post!


  6. I also love the food in fall! The flavors and pairings are my favorite to make and eat. Welsh have all four seasons here, and there’s something about this time of year that conjures up possibility. Thanks for hosting and your wonderful imagery.


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