If We Were Having Coffee… Vol 2.

If we were having coffee right now, I would look up from my steaming white chocolate mocha and smile.  I have missed having quiet moments in cozy coffee shops with you. I am so glad you are here.

I would laugh and tell you about the kids and their new quirks.  I would tell you how Brooklynn loves to sing and tries so hard to encourage everyone to follow along as she belts out Row Row Row Your Boat but her words are mostly mush right now and she often can’t communicate without a mommy translator.  Her hair is getting longer but she refuses to let me tie it back in a ponytail. Sometimes, if I exaggerate the whimsy of wearing a barrette she will let me clip her bangs up, but it never lasts. My little girl always looks like a lost boy.  I would tell you in utter disbelief, that Lincoln is learning geography. He happily runs to you holding the puzzle pieces of each province, declaring their new name. “Kebec! (Quebec), Toweh! (Ontario) Nanny House Sosha (Nova Scotia) Whapeg! (Manitoba)” I try to get him excited about riding his new tricycle or catching a ball, but he always winds up back on his bedroom floor with a puzzle.


If we were having coffee, I’d offer you half of my cheese croissant and tell you that I’m nervous. I am excited, but nervous. Next week the kids are going for their first sleepover at Grandpa’s.  I have left them before, but they have always stayed home and had the comfort of their own beds.  This time, I am staying home.  They will be eight hours away for five days. I would tell you how much I am going to miss them, but the excitement of having a quiet house and ample drinking time is splashed across my face. I’m not one to hide my emotions well, and you my friend know that. You will probably laugh at me and assure me that the kids will be great and I will agree. It’s an exciting time, but nerve-wracking when I really think about it.

From the splatters of paint that seem to be glued to my hands, you would know that I am, once again, elbows deep in a house project.  Where there once was a tattoo on my forearm is now covered in spots of primer with cottage white sprinkles on top.  I would tell you that the horrible concrete grey walls that made our basement feel like a cave have been given new life with a much brighter and inviting color. I love making our house a home even when my husband thinks I’m crazy.

Before we leave, we would plan our next coffee date. You would laugh at me and think that for someone with no job, you sure have a busy schedule. And you would be right.  Between visits from family, training for a new volunteer position, house projects and Alain’s last 2 weeks of holidays, we have the next few months nearly booked solid. So how does mid December sound? We are staying home for Christmas this year, maybe you can come over and help wrap some gifts.  You bring the scotch tape, I’ll have the Baileys ready. 🙂

Check in at Part Time Monster and see what other people may share with you over coffee.



13 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… Vol 2.

  1. I really enjoyed the way that you shared what’s going on in your life with the “if we were having coffee” theme. Also that you’d share your cheese croissant with me.

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  2. Thanks for the cheese croissant 🙂
    Enjoy the child free time. And no you have a job, a real important one. I often realise at what point being a mom is a full time job (not 9-5, but the job of some busy CEO that works 24/7, just without a salary.

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    • You are so right. My husband works crazy hours…night and day…and he still has a difficult time with the kids in long spurts. Lol. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Thanks for stopping by…next coffee date, I shall bring fondue!

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  3. Hope you enjoy your break from the kids! My kiddo is gone quite a bit—to his dad’s every other weekend, and every other week in the summer–and it’s always nice to get the break but I inevitably miss him well before he’s back.

    And I totally understand about the job thing—I have a few part-time things but am mostly a stay-at-home, and I stay busy.

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    • Thanks Diana! I am sure it will be a nice break. I am hoping to stay busy enough that I won’t miss them much 🙂 You would think that being a stay at home mom would give us the freedom to do things as we need and not be under a time restriction…let me know if that ever happens on your end eh! These little minions are far more demanding than any boss I’ve ever had 🙂

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  4. I look forward to joining you again in December, I will gladly help to wrap gifts (although my wrapping is scrappy and never neat). All being well I might have finished my xmas shopping at that point. I echo what Solveig said you have a full time job, and a very important one. That being said, enjoy your week off!

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