Lord of the Dogs

When daddys away, the puppys will…sleep 🙂

My brother took his first solo drive out west last week and we are happily doggy sitting his 2 year old, 60lb chocolate labs. I just love them!

Meet Lateralus (Latty) and Fibonacci (Fibby).  Or as I call them…Latticus and Fib-O-Licious. Unless I’m yelling, then it usually turns into Fatty and Libby.





If you are under 4ft tall, meeting these two walking down the street will certainly make you run away.  Mostly because of how fast they drag me toward anything that moves. Falling leaves are my nemesis!

Like my two mutts, these guys give a horrible first impression. They have a tonne of energy and want to share it all with you immediately.  Keep your mouth closed and fragile body parts protected because nothing is off limits to them.

Once they’ve decided you aren’t made of bacon you are pretty safe to continue on as you were and they are content to sleep in every inconvenient spot they can find.  Unless you are a Jedi, every time you even think of getting up for a drink or, heaven forbid, a pee, they will jump up and be on your heels in no time. You will be escorted into every room and hallway just in case you get lonely and they will gladly help you down the stairs because taking them on just two feet is for suckers. Why walk when you can fly!

Fibby reminds me of Ed from The Lion King. The spastic and goofy hyena with half a brain that just loves breathing. Everything and nothing gets this girl excited. She spins circles on the bed before she will lay down and the mere clink on her metal food bowl sends her over the edge. She is the perfect candidate for doggy ritalin. Anything in your hand is fair game and if you even think about yelling at her, she will lick your mouth so fast, the words wont even come out. Keep your arms and face up at all times!

Latty on the other hand is such a laid back, dopey dude with nothing to do but sleep. He is the Eeorye of the lab world. I have seen him walk into walls, trip over a ball and nearly fall off the couch during his comatose naps.  He is incredibly loving and his little growl when he wants a butt rub makes me giggle. His head his huge and his ears are floppy. He always seems to find a home on your pillow while he quietly snores sweet nothings into your face. He is impossible to sleep with and its awesome.

I was a little concerned when my brother told me he was getting puppies…they are super frustrating, but I’m glad I get to be an Aunty to these two super lovable nimrods. Who else is gonna clean my tonsils and color my legs a lovely shade of purplish blue 😉


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