The House Is No Longer Silent…And I Couldn’t Be Happier

Woo hoo! July is HERE!!  The sun is finally shining, the pool is begging for some action and mommy’s backyard oasis is just about ready for several mudslides 🙂

But more importantly, we have successfully completed twelve weeks of speech therapy!


Back in March at the two-year check up, the kids’ doctor had concerns about their lack of speech and Brooklynn’s suuuper shy disposition.  The first time he tried to listen to her heartbeat, she was trembling and nearly in tears.  He suggested looking into a speech therapist and enrolling them in daycare.

We figured it couldn’t hurt to get them evaluated and rule out anything serious so we registered for the free Tyke Talk program at the children’s hospital. We were warned it could be several months wait but the following week we got a call and booked the assessment.  Something about twins I tell ya, they are a hot commodity.

At the initial assessment, both kids were classified as “late talkers” with no emotional or cognitive delays. Just lazy lil dudes who were content being quiet.

We enrolled in the twelve week Target Word program which focused on teaching the parents constructive ways to help encourage their children to use more sounds and words. The kids joined us for just three sessions where we sat in a room playing with toys while Alain and I worked on our new techniques. These sessions were videotaped and the clips were shown the following week in the group class.

Most of the in class info was common sense but explained in a new way.  Talking slower, choosing specific words to work on, setting up situations, and changing our question approach into a conversational approach have really made a difference.

In April, Lincoln had 114 words, Brooklynn had 32.  At the end of the program, Lincoln has nearly 300 and says 2-4 words combinations which include verbs and pronouns. Brooklynn has over 160 words, says 2 word combinations and has even began singing.  It’s amazing how different they are in just three months.

Hearing those sweet little voices makes me smile.  Hearing them say ” I love you” to each other …  well that just melts my heart! ♥


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