Happy Birthday Canada!

146 years ago, three lonely colonies joined forces, were renamed Canada and were released from the British womb…mostly. The umbilical cord wasn’t fully severed until 1982, but who’s counting?

I love Canada day. For just a few hours every year, our country is at peace. We don’t seem to care about race, religion, sexual orientation or any other political agendas on July 1st. This is a day that we put aside our differences and celebrate our beautiful country for what it is. Home to 36 million Canucks who love 2-4’s of beer, deep-fried beaver tails, newfie poutine and the outdoors. We willingly hug strangers, never say “eh” as much as people think, and will forever cheer for hockey teams that will never again win a Stanley Cup. No? Just me? Go Leafs Go!


So today, we proudly made Canadian flags from cheerioes and moose headbands before heading out to join the local Canada Day festivities.


Seven bouncy castles and slides for kids of all ages 🙂


Firework security is pretty badass in these parts 🙂



He was pretty hesitant and lasted a mere five minutes before running to safety. Good effort son, good effort.


image Nom Nom Fro-Yo!


Say Cheese! ♥


Not to impressed with Mr. Canada!

As a proud Newfoundlander, July 1st holds another memory for me. 99 years ago, during the Battle of Somme, troops from the Newfoundland Regiment were stationed outside of Beaumont-Hamel preparing to take control of the German trenches. A mistake was made, and ten minutes before the planned attack, a bomb was detonated which tipped off the Germans that an attack was imminent. As the first wave of troops moved forward, they were met with heavy fire and suffered a devastating loss. Our small infantry was the third wave to advance but was no match for an expecting German force. Nearly 800 men walked into the death trap that day lasting fewer than thirty minutes and less than 70 men made it home unharmed. It was a devastating loss and one that will forever live in the hearts of the Newfoundland people.


The Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial in northern France.


My Uncle Ron, now a retired Major from CFB Greenwood, laying a wreath at Beaumont-Hamel while stationed in Belgium. July 1st, 2008.


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