Rainy Day Blues

I am certain that everyone is sick of hearing complaints about the weather these days, but holy guacamoli…please mother nature, MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND ALREADY!  On Thursday of last week, they were calling for sun and 26 degrees for the weekend. Needless to say, we did not get our nice sunny pool weather. Nope, we got muggy, dark, torrential down pours which was not fun.  The twinados aren’t old enough to enjoy a veg-on-the-couch-eating-cheesies day, so a Netflix binge was out of the question.  Whats a momma to do?

The kids have been coming home with a new craft weekly from daycare and really seem to enjoy them. Every morning Lincoln looks at his wall and tells me about his hand print crab or tissue paper tree.  I love this stage where everything is fascinating and simple crafts delight them.

After breakfast, we made a super easy rainy day craft. I gave them some crayons, a full sheet of white paper and let them go to town.  In the meantime, I pre cut the umbrella handles and separated some pom-poms. After cutting the umbrella shape from the most colorful part of their pages, we assembled it all and made a big mess with the glue 🙂


After lunch, Alain was able to distract them long enough for me to make a pom-pom slide from toilet paper rolls and a bit of masking tape.  This one was a total win.  Lincoln was still running around collecting rogue pom-poms right up until bedtime. We switched the cardboard tubes around several different ways trying to make a better slide each time. Mommy has a legal background, I’m not an engineer, so it took a few tries before the poms would even make it into the bucket on the floor. But we got there!


Daddy is working tonight and the kiddos are in bed. Now its mommy’s turn for a rainy day craft; nutella brownies! Nom nom!


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