Probing Pinterest – Moon Sand

Although I am thankful that we avoided the snow my parents got today, I was pretty bummed to see the cold and rain set in this morning. The kids are still a little sluggish from their recent colds (seriously, how many times can a kid get sick in a year!) so I was hesitant about sharing our germs at playgroup and decided to stay home.  When all else fails, hit up Pinterest for ideas to cure the boredom.

Lincoln ate half of a blue crayon on Saturday so I was searching for an activity that wouldn’t make him poop more rainbows and didn’t leave me a huge mess to clean up.  One out of two ain’t bad.  I came across an edible version of Moon Sand. Granted, it’s not the greatest recipe out there and letting your kids eat flour for lunch certainly won’t win you any awards, but its better than bleach.

The Verdict?

Not bad.  Can’t got wrong with only two ingredients unless one of them is flour. This one called for 4 cups flour and 1/2 cup of oil. We used coconut oil, but if you aren’t concerned about your kids eating the sand, then I’d recommend baby oil. The mixture left a little bit of flour residue on your hands, but stuck together well and was easy to clean up.  We gave the kids cookies cutters, measuring spoons and a few mega blocks. They really enjoyed squishing the sand in their fingers and stuffing it through the holes in their ball caps. When the sand hit the floor, the snow angels came out and the real fun began 🙂





I wouldn’t do this on a weekly basis though. The floors will need a good mopping once the kids are in bed from the oil, but it was definitely worth the smiles and kept them busy for almost an hour…I was so close to finishing that Walking Dead episode!


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