Not All Boys Have Cooties

Every little girl needs an older brother. I know I sure do.

Sometimes, you are lucky enough to be born into a family that has a big brother ready and waiting for you. Often, a step brother may join your family later in life. For some, your brother comes into your world a stranger and in time, becomes your best friend and confidant. The big brother role comes with giant shoes that very few people can fill. Finding a balance between your most loyal supporter and your biggest critic is a hard one to navigate, but incredibly necessary.

As young children, Dave and I were inseparable. We shared the same group of friends and very seldom were we away from each other for more than a night. He taught me how to skate and brought me to every hockey game our parents would allow. He taught me how to play marbles, how not to fall on roller blades and why crashing into trees while snow tubing is a really dumb idea. He was there for my first airplane ride and encouraged me as we passed out snacks to fellow passengers and eagerly accepted an invite into the cockpit; back when that was allowed. We screamed our heads off riding the water slides in British Columbia and stayed up past our bedtime roasting fresh capelin around the campfire on the shores of Newfoundland. It felt like the two of us against the world. He was my best friend and I adored him. I can’t think of a time when I didn’t love him to bits, although I am sure he has an arsenal of stories he could share about his bratty little sister.

When I was 12, life got in the way and some adult decisions had to be made by children. We were separated for our high school years and even though my new life seemed pretty great, I was broken inside and didn’t know why. Our lives continued to separate and at one point, we were strangers. We made poor choices, had our hearts broken and were lost in the whirlwind of a life that felt like it was crumbling around us…all while taking our own paths. Life intervened again when I was 22 and brought us back together. Funny how time, words or people can’t break a sibling bond. I wont lie, we still argue today, but these past eight years of reconnecting has made me realize just how much I’ve needed him all along.


Dave gives me tough love and is overprotective. He is not afraid to punch hard when we wrestle or swear at me when I’m being obnoxious. He never lets a single mistake go and will call me out on everything!  He will stick his finger in my pie and drink the last of my juice without thinking twice. But he is my favorite. He makes me laugh when I overreact and will call people names with me when I need to vent. He makes ridiculously inappropriate jokes to make me smile and will always always always offer to carry my purse 🙂  My husband on the other hand, will put my purse on the ground and stand near it, refusing to acknowledge that he sees it.  Dave is the first person to give me advice, even when I don’t ask, and is the last person to stop laughing when I ignore it. He will make stupid decisions on a whim that scare crap out of me and the next minute he is thoughtfully making choices. based on logic and where his heart leads him, that makes me so proud. He was patient when I lost the $600 Taylor Swift concert tickets that he gave me as a birthday gift and was generous enough to buy new ones. He then thought it was hilarious when I found the original tickets, securely stored in their fedex envelope, 3 months later. Oops!  He shares my inability to stop laughing when someone tells me to be quiet, and knows that anything can be turned into a dirty joke when you live with your head in the gutter. He broke my heart when he first held Brooklynn, who was a few hours old, and he shed a single tear of joy. I knew in that moment that he had just become the best uncle these kids could ever ask for.


My mom always told me to be nice to my brother because he is all I have. And she was right. Anyone who has met Dave will agree, that boy is something else and I wanna keep him 🙂

No, not all boys have cooties. I love you Dave!



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