Currently Vol.4

Happy Monday!

I’m linking up with Becky from Choose Happy again for her weekly “Currently” post and letting you all know whats going on currently in our world!


Counting: All the money we have been saving on groceries!  I’m really turning into that annoying lady in line at the grocery store with a mitt full of coupons, but I don’t care. I try to do my shopping in the mornings and during the week so I am holding up fewer people, but let me tell you, planning out my food list and shopping with coupons/apps has been so rewarding. I got this entire haul for $130! Those 10lb bags of flour alone are normally $14 each, I got them for $7, and those two hams, usually $12, got them for $5! Whoop whoop!


Laughing: at my 31 year old brother who called and made me promise to go to the movies with him this weekend because it is his birthday…and he really wants to see Perfect Pitch 2. My tattooed, metal loving biker brother, who is as intimidating as a pit bull, needs his little sister to take him to see the cheesy teen movie. Okay! This is the same guy who, when driving through Toronto one afternoon, saw that Twilight was playing at the local theater and we just HAD to stop and watch it. Man, this kid kills me! But I’m super excited for a day with my bro 🙂

Enjoying: the backyard and sunshine with these two goofballs!  I really love this age when they are fascinated by everything and truly enjoy the small things. Sitting in a chair eating a freezie may have been the best moment of Brooklynn’s year 🙂  I really wish we could pause and hang onto the next few months forever…it’s going to be a great summer.


Looking forward to: Thursday! The kids and I are heading to Oshawa to visit one of our friends that we sadly left behind when we moved. She is counting down the last few weeks before baby #2 comes and I absolutely can not wait to squeeze her little belly. Everyone needs that one friend who could care less about solving your problems and will sit with you swearing and planning revenge on anyone who has even thought of giving you the stink eye. She is that friend for me, and I just love her so much. Bonus: she lives on the lake and has an amazing hot tub on her sun-soaked deck.  Sometimes it’s reeeally hard to hang out at her place…just sayin’ 🙂

Appreciating: love and support from family.  I have been lacking fitness motivation these past two days and just as I was trying to talk myself into going outside and mowing the lawn, my aunt shared a quote she read recently “if you dropped an egg on the floor, would your throw the other 11 on the floor too?”  Ah ha moment!  Just because I had a bad day, doesn’t mean I need to give up on the rest.  Good point Auntie, thanks!  So, here I am, putting some sunscreen on and heading outside to mow the lawn.  I apologize to all those who may drive by in the next hour or so…my pastey white skin may blind you 🙂 I sorry!


8 thoughts on “Currently Vol.4

  1. Oh that is too funny about your brother. I have a 31 year old brother who loves to take my boys to movies too. He is moving this weekend and will be too far away but I’m already making plans to go and visit him. Oh and I’m totally on your brothers side with stopping to see Twilight 😉

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    • Its great having a brother isnt it? Mine lives 3 hours away now but always makes time to come visit. The kids even love road trips to Uncle Dave’s…so its good that he is further now 🙂


    • I have been asked by quite a few people this week for tips so I’m thinking a blog series might be in order! Reading several posts and asking for advice has really helped to figure out what works best for us. I’ll post my experiences soon!


  2. Love how you have such a special relationship with your brother. And, is it bad to say that I haven’t even see Pitch Perfect 1?! I have heard it is such a great movie with a great soundtrack, etc, etc… I really need to watch it! Stopping by from the Currently link up!


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    • Haha…when he called about seeing the second one, I had to admit I hadn’t see the first yet. He came over that weekend and we watched it though lol. Now I’m prepared!


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