Can’t Win ‘Em All – #wtfwednesday

I was feeling so good today.  I had the kids fed, dressed and out the door to daycare by 8am. After the drop off, I came home, made a batch of cookies and walked the dogs before finally sitting down for my first cup of coffee. I hit the grocery store next and saved a ton! With store sales, my coupons, and reward programs/apps, I got this haul for free! And even ended up with $1.58 back in my pocket.  I pretty much just got paid to shop 🙂   I have been couponing for over a month now and have really noticed a difference.  Yes, it takes an insane amount of time at first to figure out what works for you, what stores price match the best and how to stay organized, but once you have a system in place its pretty simple.  In March, we spent over $1100 just in groceries. That doesn’t include the $700+ in takeout and restaurants. Once the bills are paid, we are horrible for spending whatever is left in the account. With some couponing and sale watching, I was able to cut our April grocery bill down to just over $700.  What what!


On the way home from the grocery store, I picked up the kids just as they were finishing their lunch. We unloaded the car and were in bed napping by 12:15pm without a single whimper. Awesome! Got some gardening in and started a loaf of bread while they slept. At 2pm, the kids were up and ready to play outside. Slides, bubbles, throwing chalk in the pool and eating rocks brought us to 3:30pm when we came in for snack.  That is when I noticed the smoking bread maker.  Ahhh shiznit.

I unplugged the machine and rushed it outside. Lord knows I don’t need any more kitchen fires! As soon as I lifted the lid, the fluffy bread deflated into a giant mess. Miles of sticky, slimy dough over-flowed into the machine and was burning on the heating coil.  Faaaantastic.  This is what happens when you try to read without your glasses. Not only did I add 4 tbsps of yeast instead of 3/4 tbsp, but I also managed to use a recipe for a giant bread maker and not my little home sized machine. Really, Danielle?  Dumby.


So, my pretty awesome day was deflated for a few hours until I got this hot mess all sorted out. Guess you can’t win ’em all.  But for the record, when you read the proper directions with your glasses on….it turns out so yummy!  Now, excuse me while I go smother that warm crusty top with some french onion soup that I made on Tuesday. Nom nom nom!


2 thoughts on “Can’t Win ‘Em All – #wtfwednesday

    • I looove it! But fair warning…once you start eating fresh baked bread, it is really hard to stop! Lol I made a cinnamon and cranberry loaf the other day and nearly ate the whole thing. The hardest part can be finding the right recipies. Some in the manul that came with my machine work great, others are a complete flop. So it takes alot of playing around to find the best recipe. Invest in flour when it goes on sale 🙂


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