“Mehcat? Mehcat!”

I’ve been a little off the grid this past week because Alain was on vacation.  It was really more of a stay-cation as he spent most of his time holed up in the basement playing Skyrim.  A few times he came out of his cave to eat, but not often.  His only goals for the week were gaming, reading and catching up on Dr. Who, so I was super stoked when I mentioned taking the kids into Toronto one day and he was totally on board.  None of the local zoos were opening until the weekend so we were excited to find out that the Toronto Zoo is open 364 days a year.  Awesome!  We were excited and had a plan; on the road by 8am, walk the zoo from 10am until 2pm…ish, and get back home before the traffic hit. Should have known that toddlers will never let you follow a plan.

The kids both woke up smiling and happy. They ran out of their rooms straight to their picnic table, ready for breakfast. Those were the most delightful 7 minutes of the morning. Then reality hit and the meltdowns began. Brooklynn fell apart when I gave her a pink bowl instead of a green one. Those screams turned into crocodile tears when I offered her waffles and blueberries. She cried. I yelled. She threw food. I walked away. She scream more. I hated my life. Turns out, one must eat yogurt BEFORE eating blue berries and only brothers are allowed to eat waffles. It took 20 mins to figure this out through her tears and hand gestures. Seriously kid…you can start talking annnnnnytime now! Gee wiz.

We made it through the horror of breakfast before Lincoln got in on the fun. I was excited to finally put him in his new overalls with a lion on the front; very fitting for our day.  I had the shirt, overalls and hat on no problem. Today, it was sock day. Nothing I said could convince him to wear the orange socks that matched his outfit. There was yelling and punching and kicking and all sorts of fun “dress a rabid hyena” type moves, but he wasn’t having it. Just when I gave up on the socks, he threw the orange ones away, reached into his drawer and pulled out his navy Toronto Maple Leaf socks… “saks on?” Sure man, whatever you want, but you’re gonna be the weird mismatched kid at the monkey cage and you can’t blame me!  When did such tiny little people get such big attitudes? Holy, calm your life dude.

While I was wrangling the kids, Alain had to go to his office to swap my car with his van and forgot his phone at home.  This made it super easy to remind him to grab my phone charger…said no one ever. He assured me that his charger was definitely in the van and not to worry. We got the kids loaded into the car, dvd screens hooked up, bags tossed in the back and ready to go, only to realize that the dvd players weren’t working. Awesome. It was now past 9:30am and I was running out of patience, so I ran in the house, grabbed my tablet and off we went. Twenty minutes down the road, the kids started to wonder why their tv’s weren’t working and the yelling started. Feeling thankful that I had saved a few movies on my tablet, I picked it up and guess what…it was dead. I plugged it into the charger and nothing.  Fantastic.  The screams and constant repeating of “teevee happen?” “teetee on?” was getting louder and my lack of coffee and breakfast was really bringing me down.  I managed to get the charger to work but not without a fight. For the record, bending down to the floor and awkwardly holding the plug into the av socket without moving an inch is nearly impossible.

Great start to our day.

We made it to Mississauga and the kids were asleep. Finally, I could sit up again and find my happy place.  I was in the zone rocking out with Ed Sheeran and singing my heart out to Thinking Out Loud. I turned to Alain with love in my eyes and sang “And I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways, Maybe just the touch of a hand. Well, me – I fall in love with you every single day…” I paused to take a breath, and as if on cue, Alain let out an echoing belch and giggled. So sexy.


Twenty minutes later we make it to the zoo. Yay!!  The kids woke up happy, the sun was shining and we were ready to frolic with the animals.




Overall, our day at zoo was amazing. The weather was warm enough to be comfortable in a t-shirt, but cool enough that most of the animals were out of their houses and active. There were no line ups at any of the exhibits annnd we even found beavertails! It was a heart attack drenched in nutella, but this girl would have died happy.

The tiger roared back at the kids, the hippo played in the pool with a ball and the meerkats scurried around playing tag, making the kids laugh. “Mehcat? Mehcat!…Mom! Mehcat!” They were mesmerized by the fish tanks and captivated by the playful orangutans swinging on their ropes.


It was a perfect spring day with my family. Even the traffic held off! We left Toronto at exactly 5pm and made it home in two hours. Unbelievably lucky for sure! Both kids were out cold within five minutes of hitting their beds and slept through the night. It was wonderful 🙂 I sure do miss the city but I am so thankful that we can visit often. I can’t wait to bring them to Ripley’s Aquarium for our next trip.



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