Puzzles and Potties and Playpens OH MY!

It’s finally here…and gone 😦  But what an amazing time we had at the LMBA Spring Sale.

Every year the London Multiple Births Association hosts a spring and fall sale at the Western Fair Grounds. The sellers at the sale are mostly twin, triplet or quad moms who are more than happy to offload months, and sometimes years, of clothing, toys and gear to other families to enjoy.

This was my first year at the sale and being a part of the sale committee. I bow down in awe to our coordinator and the wonderful team that work so hard to pull these events together time and time again.  Many weeks of preparation and valuable time is volunteered by the dedicated members of the LMBA who really love our sales and want to see them succeed. This was a recording breaking year with nearly 1100 people coming through our doors in just 4.5 hours. Over just a day and a half we had 180 positions filled by volunteers! I love this club 🙂

Here’s a little taste of what you may have missed!

~ Over 1000 feet of hanging clothes organized by size (preemie to 16) as well as outer wear, costumes, bathing suits and maternity wear. ~


Click to Enlarge!

~ Twelve tables of shoes sorted by size and style (everyday vs athletic etc) Over twenty-five baskets filled with socks, slippers and nylons, sorted by size and gender. ~


Click to Enlarge!

~ An entire wall of books from parenting, pregnancy, child and teen. Even a french section! DVDs and gaming systems galore! Each one, individually checked for quality for your protection. ~


Click to Enlarge!

~ Thousands of toys!  Action figures, crafts, puzzles, pretend play, dolls, dress up etc! ~


Click to Enlarge!

~ Feeding, bedding, and strollers all at amazing prices.  Not a single one left by the end of the night ~


Click to Enlarge!

~ Jumparoos, bouncers, playpens, potties and bathtubs ready for new homes! ~


Click to Enlarge!

As you can imagine, once those doors open things get pretty hectic. Thus, the best rule ever was invented; no strollers, wagons, carts etc allowed.  Not only can it be a nuisance trying to navigate your way through the crowded aisles with hundreds of other strollers, but for safety reasons alone, we just can not allow them. Moms and dads are encouraged to carry their little ones in wraps or carriers if they are unable to find a sitter for the evening. We certainly don’t want people to miss out on the amazing deals, but safety for everyone is our primary concern.

Although the sale is hosted by and majority of the items at the sale are from parents of multiples, this is not a “member exclusive” event.  The public is welcome to shop from 6pm-9pm. You will find thousands items for single children and sometimes be lucky enough to find matching outfits or toys for your own set of multiples. The variety of items and great finds will surely be suitable for any family.

Our next sale will be held October 16th 2015 in the Progress Building. For more information, please check out the LMBA Sales page. If you are not in the London area, check out your local Multiple Births chapter and get info on the sales near you. You will not be disappointed!!!


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