Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That


So last night didn’t exactly go as I was hoping.

All morning the kids were against me. Lincoln started asking for waffles before I even had a chance to lift him out of his crib. “Waffa? Waffa? Mooore waffa?”  6am sans coffee is way too early to drag my butt all the way to the basement to dig through the freezer for said waffles, so I made him a piece of toast and hoped I could pass it off as a waffle.  Nope. He didn’t even have to bite into it. He knew immediately that I was a fraud and threw his bowl down the hall. “More waffa?”

Nothing was safe from my little tornado yesterday.  He was a dog kicking, table tipping, hair pulling, food stealing, door slamming little turd.  I thought a walk to his favorite mailbox would help.  Nope. I got whipped in the leg with a stick the whole way there and the whole way back.

Brooklynn on the other hand, was pretty quiet most of the day and extra cuddly because of the fever she’d had since Sunday.  She didn’t eat much of her dinner and was looking really lethargic.  I set her on the couch with a blanket so I could clean up Lincoln’s yogurt before it was painted all over my walls. When I came back to check on her a little while later, my heart stopped.  Her eyes were glazed over, she was breathing heavy and her limbs were purple and splotchy.  The purple around her lips threw me right into panic mode.

When I picked her up, her skin was on fire. It had only been two-hour since her last round of Motrin so I was feeling pretty helpless.  She refused to drink anything and was determined to fall asleep.

I messaged Alain hoping he would be home soon as I knew we had to get her to the doctor and was not even going to attempt to drag Captain CrustyPants with me.

The kids’ pediatrician has their own walk in clinic that stays open until 9pm which was suddenly the best news I’ve ever heard.  By the time Brooklynn and I were dressed, Alain walked in the door and we were off.

After a two-hour wait in a tiny little room filled with over tired, snotty, coughing toddlers who just HAVE to touch you every time they walk by, we made it in to see the doctor. Tens mins later, we walked out with a prescription for amoxicillin; poor muffin has an ear infection and the start of pneumonia. Ugh. As if the cold we’ve been passing around for the last two months wasn’t bad enough. Stupid winter.


I understood the fever, heavy breathing and lethargy from my bout of pneumonia a few years ago, but the purple limbs had me stumped. The doctor explained that although this is normal ans safe, it is not overly common. It is actually your body’s response to having a fever. Apparently the blood and extra oxygen goes to your core and help fight the virus/infection faster. I have never heard of this before, but it made sense.  Once we got home, I consulted with Dr.Google and found several other cases of children turns blue/purple during a fever.

She is on the amoxicillin for 10 days, but already looks one hundred times better this afternoon, so I’m a happy momma now 🙂

I am so thankful for free healthcare and walk in clinics and work benefits and 24hr drug stores and the toy aisle at the drugstore that occupied my girl way past her bedtime.

I was also very thankful for the Burger King hubby got at 10pm when we realized neither of us had eaten yet. Today, not so much 😦 Seriously, why do we keep eating that crap!


2 thoughts on “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

  1. Uggh! We have been dealing with this sickness crap and I’m over it. My 2yo got his amoxicillin yesterday and he’s almost like new! So thankful for good meds! Glad your little one is starting to feel better it’s rough to see them so sick.

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