Currently Vol.3

It has been a few weeks, but today, I am hanging out with Becky from Choose Happy for her weekly link-up; Currently.


Here is what we are up to riiiiiiight now!

Enjoying – laying on the floor with my little man reading books. He got this Vtech interactive word book from his Memere for Christmas and just loves it!  I love that all the pages are laminated so peanut butter and bananas wipe off easily!


Watching – Reality shows! I’m a Netflix gal but I can’t get away from Big Brother, Survivor and The Amazing Race. And really…who can say no to a man bun 🙂 I heart you Joe No Collar!


Preparing – the final stacks of clothing and toys for the London Multiple Birth Association’s spring sale. Man, it came quickly and I am suddenly feeling really behind but am determined to have everything washed, sorted, tagged and boxed by the weekend.

Organizing – the camping gear! Our family camping trip is booked and I will be dreaming of s’mores, mudslides and way too much laughter around the campfire, every night from now til July. I was really afraid we wouldn’t make it out this year with the kids being so young, but I’m sure will figure it out. Now I just have to figure out how to fit playpens in my tent 🙂

Celebrating – sleep! Aside from a few coughing fits throughout the night, the kids have finally embraced their new bedtime routine and have both slept well for nearly a week. Consistent 1-2 hour afternoon naps and early bedtimes have made everyone much happier! I am almost afraid to admit it, but a few times, Alain and I have looked at each other round 8:30pm and said “well…I’m bored”.  Best.Feeling.Ever!  I sure hope this lasts.

What are YOU up to these days?


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