#WTF Wednesday

I saw a post on my Facebook timeline yesterday that looked like this:

Normally, I would have some snot nosed remarks to share with Alain about it, probably complain about the loser who posted it, and carry on. But not today.  Today, I am pissed and you’re gonna hear it.

This gem was posted by the “Disciples of the New Dawn”.  Before I went off the deep end, I searched as much as I could find on Google for who these people are, are they even real, and why are they putting such hateful messages out into the world. Honestly, I can’t really find a whole lot of facts about this group, but man, thier Facebook page really needs to be removed. I can’t say for sure that they are real or fake but regardless of the nature of the group, posting memes like this is horrible, especially when they throw God behind it and call it “unnatural” and the “unchristian” way.


Insert a whole lotta profanity here…………………………………

I am in no way a saint. Never claim to be. I haven’t been to church in years and I am married to an atheist. So believe me, my soap box is very short.  But right now, I am standing on it and screaming to the high heavens.  This is bull crap!  For sooo many reasons.

In a world that makes it incredibly hard to be a Christian and that is constantly testing  your faith and commitment to God, memes like this ruin any headway we have made. Having to constantly protect the thing you hold most dear to your heart while people are filled with hatred and spend all their time trying to break you, is exhausting.  I don’t believe in God because I’m crazy or because I am illogical.  I believe in God because I have hope. Because I know there is something bigger at work in my life.  I have been through more than I have ever wanted to and have experienced tiny miracles that I can’t place anywhere but in God’s hands. I am not a religious zealot but I am a faithful women of Christ and will teach my children about the love of Jesus.  Being a Christian and having faith has to stop being a bad thing. If you trust in Buddah, that is wonderful. Find something that works for you and go with it. My God is not the only God. My faith and beliefs are not the only ones. Jesus’ message from day one was to love. Love yourself. Love each other. Spread love and joy among the nations. So why…why in this world are Christians being persecuted for wanting to love?  Because of groups like this. Groups that make love look like hatred. Why do these people and people of Westboro need to spew such hated and call themselves Christians? They make the lives of non extremists so difficult.

As I sit here typing this blog, I have absolutely no idea what to say when people ask me why God would let wars happen, or why children get cancer. Why do hate groups exist and have power if God wants us to love everyone.  My only answer is that he doesn’t. He doesn’t want people to hurt. As for the choices people make, I believe these things exist because God gave us willpower. I believe that we were given his Word and teachings from Jesus as a guide to become a better society. But as much as He tries to lead us, He ultimately gave us the will power to choose.  And some people make really really dumb choices.

The people making memes like this are not only pissing off those who have faith in a loving God, but also those people who have had c-sections or epidurals during childbirth. Anyone who thinks it matters really. These people claim medicine and surgery are unnatural and completely unnecessary.  They expect us to live in this world just as Adam and Eve did…so pure and God fearing.  Well guess what, its not going to happen.  God gave us brains to develop science and technology so the world will continue and advance.  Yes, a lot of bad things have come from it, but amazing things have come too. If you want to keep spewing hate about how science and medicine is ruining this world, then maybe you should stop waking up in the morning to the sound of your cell phone alarm, getting up out of your memory foam bed, walking across your hardwood floors to take a hot shower in your granite tiled bathroom. Stop cooking eggs on your flat top stove and popping bread into your digital toaster before making an extra large cup of Colombian java with your Tassimo into your double walled travel mug. Think again before you drive your electric car on paved roads down the street to the local grocery store to shop for deals on cereal, frozen pizzas and tylenol that you pay for with a debit card.

I don’t get how these people can preach about natural childbirth and the advances in modern medicine, but then go about their day making use of all the advances in technology and science. YOU my friend, are being a hypocrite and a jerk. Throwing God and religion behind you is just making you look ridiculous and continuing to make it harder and harder for true lovers of Christ to be accepted in this world.

I love my Jesus, but I also love my fertility doctor who gave me the medicine that gave me my kids. I love my surgeon who cut them out of my belly and the eight nurses that kept them alive in the neonatal unit for me. Are they natural? Yes…I did not give birth to robots. So just STOP. Stop with the hate. Stop with the judgments. Stop stirring the pot and causing uproars for no reason.  Just stop.

Ok. Now I will stop.  I try so hard to not get wrapped up into these online bashing wars because it’s usually trolls with nothing better to do who are starting them.  But this one REALLY got under my skin.


5 thoughts on “#WTF Wednesday

  1. Ahh I saw this lovely meme on Facebook as well (Insert sarcastic voice) I had C-sections with both of my children and they are not robots either. Some people should not be allowed to use the internet.

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  2. I saw this too! It is such bull crap and demeaning. I agree with what you said about giving Christianity a bad name. Nothing like a little slander and false teaching to muddy the waters. I’m pretty sure Jesus never commanded us not to have c-sections and epidurals. I’m an epidural mom and came very near to having a c-section with my daughter as well. This post is offensive, but at the same time I feel like it was only put out there to start some arguments.
    Way to defend c-section moms and Christianity 🙂

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  3. I went back and forth on not giving 2 $hits about these people and this meme, to being uncontrollably enraged over it. I’m a mom that had an extremely unwanted cesarean and have battled the demons in my own head that say I failed and there is something wrong with me. Screw the people that wrote this.

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