Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That


So last night didn’t exactly go as I was hoping.

All morning the kids were against me. Lincoln started asking for waffles before I even had a chance to lift him out of his crib. “Waffa? Waffa? Mooore waffa?”  6am sans coffee is way too early to drag my butt all the way to the basement to dig through the freezer for said waffles, so I made him a piece of toast and hoped I could pass it off as a waffle.  Nope. He didn’t even have to bite into it. He knew immediately that I was a fraud and threw his bowl down the hall. “More waffa?”

Nothing was safe from my little tornado yesterday.  He was a dog kicking, table tipping, hair pulling, food stealing, door slamming little turd.  I thought a walk to his favorite mailbox would help.  Nope. I got whipped in the leg with a stick the whole way there and the whole way back.

Brooklynn on the other hand, was pretty quiet most of the day and extra cuddly because of the fever she’d had since Sunday.  She didn’t eat much of her dinner and was looking really lethargic.  I set her on the couch with a blanket so I could clean up Lincoln’s yogurt before it was painted all over my walls. When I came back to check on her a little while later, my heart stopped.  Her eyes were glazed over, she was breathing heavy and her limbs were purple and splotchy.  The purple around her lips threw me right into panic mode.

When I picked her up, her skin was on fire. It had only been two-hour since her last round of Motrin so I was feeling pretty helpless.  She refused to drink anything and was determined to fall asleep.

I messaged Alain hoping he would be home soon as I knew we had to get her to the doctor and was not even going to attempt to drag Captain CrustyPants with me.

The kids’ pediatrician has their own walk in clinic that stays open until 9pm which was suddenly the best news I’ve ever heard.  By the time Brooklynn and I were dressed, Alain walked in the door and we were off.

After a two-hour wait in a tiny little room filled with over tired, snotty, coughing toddlers who just HAVE to touch you every time they walk by, we made it in to see the doctor. Tens mins later, we walked out with a prescription for amoxicillin; poor muffin has an ear infection and the start of pneumonia. Ugh. As if the cold we’ve been passing around for the last two months wasn’t bad enough. Stupid winter.


I understood the fever, heavy breathing and lethargy from my bout of pneumonia a few years ago, but the purple limbs had me stumped. The doctor explained that although this is normal ans safe, it is not overly common. It is actually your body’s response to having a fever. Apparently the blood and extra oxygen goes to your core and help fight the virus/infection faster. I have never heard of this before, but it made sense.  Once we got home, I consulted with Dr.Google and found several other cases of children turns blue/purple during a fever.

She is on the amoxicillin for 10 days, but already looks one hundred times better this afternoon, so I’m a happy momma now 🙂

I am so thankful for free healthcare and walk in clinics and work benefits and 24hr drug stores and the toy aisle at the drugstore that occupied my girl way past her bedtime.

I was also very thankful for the Burger King hubby got at 10pm when we realized neither of us had eaten yet. Today, not so much 😦 Seriously, why do we keep eating that crap!


If We Were Having Coffee…

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am sad.  I am sad that a visit from my mom next week has been shortened to just one night 😦  They have to be back home early, and can’t stay for the four nights as originally planned. That just sucks. I would tell you that I miss my mom when she’s not here. We had a very short three days together at the end of March after a six month seperation…but it wasn’t nearly enough. I would giggle an ironic laugh and say that it’s funny how the older I get, the more I want my mommy.  But I would also tell you that there is an upside. I bought plane tickets for me and the kids to go home in July. You would see me start to sweat as I think about having my first solo flight with my monsters. Its only 2 hours…its only 2 hours.  I can only hope that the people on our plane are kind during meltdowns.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m anxious. Some big girl decisions will be made on friday, and I’m going a little crazy. I would share all the painstakingly boring details and ask for your opinion. You would see the trepidation in my eyes from thinking of all the possible bad scenarios and stressing over the right choices to make for my family. I would tell you that I am much happier choosing paint colors and outfits for the kids than making adult decisions in life.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my weekend was pretty awesome. I would be smiling as I told you about drinking mudslides and eating chicken wings with a close friend on friday night and spending most of our saturday outside, working in the garden. I’d describe in detail how we poorly planted bulbs and seeds and hacked up two stumps with a reciprocating saw as my neighbour laughed at us while saying “Bringin’ out the heavy artillery I see! Don’t destroy the house you two!” I would laugh and tell you that in the middle of our movie, we both turned to each other and said “you want chips? I want chips” and immediately got up and drove to the store for a bag of chips. I will then tell you that before the movie ended, I ate half a bag of those delicious chips and drank an entire litre of chocolate milk before needing to take a break to get sick. I would shake my head and giggle in embarrassment for how little self control I have when eating junk food. We would laugh knowing I will spend the rest of the week being sad and eating salads.

If we were having coffee, I would stand up and hug you. Life can be really boring and quite lonely sometimes, so I am always appreciative when you can make some time for me and enjoy a laugh and a latte. Thank you friend for having these moments…they mean the most.

Check in at Part Time Monster and see what other people may share with you over coffee.


#FoodieFriday – Chicken Marsala

Last year during our trip to Michigan, my mom and I stopped at Olive Garden and had THE.BEST.MEAL ever; Stuffed Chicken Marsala. I’m almost certain we both licked our plates clean. We have been back a few times since and have enjoyed the dish each time so I decided to try to make my own. Driving an hour and crossing the border for a piece of chicken seems a little extreme…but we may have done it once or twice 😉

I have made the stuffed version several times which is wonderful, but tonight’s dinner is kid friendly and much more simple.


You will need:

1 cup – cremini mushrooms, sliced
1/2 – med red onion, sliced in rings
1 tbsp – butter

2 – chicken breasts, roughly chopped
1 tsp – oil (we use coconut, but any kind will do)

1 cup – Marsala Wine (try to avoid the dry wine as it turns really bitter. The brand in the picture is much smoother)
1 pkg – beef oxo (I’ve used the chicken one too but prefer the beef)

1 tbsp – flour
2 tbsp – cold water

I start by frying the mushrooms and onions in butter on low-med. When I have the time, I let them simmer for 15-20 mins to really caramelize and make the onions almost creamy. Remove from the pan and set aside.


While the onions are cooking, chop your chicken and season with salt & pepper. After removing the mushrooms and onions from the pan, add in the oil and then the chicken and gently fry until almost cooked. About 5 to 6 mins depending on your heat level. Don`t worry if bits of chicken stick to the pan, that’s a good sign!


When the chicken is ready, add the wine to the pan, making sure to scrape off all those yummy chicken bits. Stir in the beef oxo and add the mushrooms and onions back into the pan. In a small bowl, mix the flour and water then it add to the chicken. Allow everything to simmer until the sauce thickens.


Like most saucy recipes, I always add a dollop of sour cream once I’ve served up hubby’s portion 😉 Tonight we enjoyed basmati rice and broccoli with our dinner.



Currently Vol.3

It has been a few weeks, but today, I am hanging out with Becky from Choose Happy for her weekly link-up; Currently.


Here is what we are up to riiiiiiight now!

Enjoying – laying on the floor with my little man reading books. He got this Vtech interactive word book from his Memere for Christmas and just loves it!  I love that all the pages are laminated so peanut butter and bananas wipe off easily!


Watching – Reality shows! I’m a Netflix gal but I can’t get away from Big Brother, Survivor and The Amazing Race. And really…who can say no to a man bun 🙂 I heart you Joe No Collar!


Preparing – the final stacks of clothing and toys for the London Multiple Birth Association’s spring sale. Man, it came quickly and I am suddenly feeling really behind but am determined to have everything washed, sorted, tagged and boxed by the weekend.

Organizing – the camping gear! Our family camping trip is booked and I will be dreaming of s’mores, mudslides and way too much laughter around the campfire, every night from now til July. I was really afraid we wouldn’t make it out this year with the kids being so young, but I’m sure will figure it out. Now I just have to figure out how to fit playpens in my tent 🙂

Celebrating – sleep! Aside from a few coughing fits throughout the night, the kids have finally embraced their new bedtime routine and have both slept well for nearly a week. Consistent 1-2 hour afternoon naps and early bedtimes have made everyone much happier! I am almost afraid to admit it, but a few times, Alain and I have looked at each other round 8:30pm and said “well…I’m bored”.  Best.Feeling.Ever!  I sure hope this lasts.

What are YOU up to these days?

Oohh, I’ve always loved the idea of summer!

“She reads books as one would breathe air; to fill up and live” – Annie Dillard

Well…I have given up reading Russel Brand’s My Booky Wook. I got through 60+ pages and called it quits. I was really hoping that by learning more about his childhood and crazy life, it might give me better insight to his revolution ideas and intentions. Buuuuut, I just couldn’t get into it.  The English references were lost on me, so most of the humor was over my head.  And truthfully, I just didn’t care to read about his sex life and the drugs. Sorry bro…just not my thing.  I will try reading Revolution because I really do enjoy his podcasts and several interviews he has done on the subject, but not for a while. Because………..


There is just something incredibly relaxing about sitting under the warm sun with drink in hand, reading a good book. I’d love to be under a tiki hut on a beach somewhere waiting for Juan to bring me an extra slushy rum punch, but lazing in my camping chair in the backyard while the kids throw grass at me will be perfect too 🙂

I have scoured Pintrest, reads reviews from fellow bloggers, and taken suggestions from friends and family to compile my 2015 summer reading list. I am naturally drawn to series, so I made a point of choosing single books this time…I hope!  In no particular order, the winners are:

  • Bone Dust White – Karin Salvalggio
  • We Were Liars – E. Lockhart
  • The Vacationers – Emma Straub
  • Dark Places – Gillian Flynn
  • Adultery – Paulo Coelho
  • You – Caroline Kepnes
  • All The Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr
  • Landline – Rainbow Rowell
  • The Beach Club – Elin Hilderbrand
  • Paper Towns – John Greene


I was planning to start reading these books in May but I finished the Crossfire series last night, so I’ll be diving into one of these tonight. I think I will be true to my OCD nature and start with Adultery…you know, alphabetical and all!

What are YOU reading this summer?? Have I chosen a book you absolutely hated? I’d love to hear from you…I hate being disappointed in a book.

#fmlthursday Its a thing now.

This morning, I woke up to a three-minute coughing fit only to have my dog jump on the bed and rush over to lick my tonsils.  Apparently she felt the need to comfort me and didn’t want to miss out on the clean up job. Gross, but this should have been my first indication of how the day was going to unfold.

It took nearly an hour to feed and dress the monsters. Today is not a yogurt or Cheerios or cranberry or banana or toast or grapes day. It is not a sock day or a diaper day. It is just a bowl throwing, pull my sister’s hair until everyone is crying and melting down day.

Where the frick is my coffee? our speech therapy appointment is in 1 hour…we are never gonna make it.

We finally got the kids dressed and ready to load into the car when I remembered that the redundant 13 page bubble survey on the kids’ personality is due today…in 40 minutes to be exact..and there’s two. 26 pages. Crap…and obviously, there are no pens to be found this morning.

Alain came to the rescue and got the kids in the car while I check marked every B box I could find. The answer is always B isn’t it? Why in the world did I not finish this earlier? I’ve had two months and completely forgot. Who’s the dolt now Danielle, who’s the dolt now?

With my homework 3/4 the way completed, I stuffed it in my purse and jumped in the car. 26 minutes left. Gotta go. Apparently everyone is starving now so the toddler serenade begins. Screeching and kicking lasts the entire 15 minute drive followed by a slow internal freak out when I realized not a single parking space was available near our building. A normal person can make this walk in 5 minutes, but toddlers will walk this in 17…at least. Yup, definitely going to be late. Great day to forget hats, mommy.

As we started our stroll across the country, I had one kid on my left who just had to stomp in every imaginary puddle while the kid on my right flopped around like a fish and refused to walk on two feet. Good luck to you kid, because we are late and it is cold. To everyone coming into the hospital, you are welcome. I am sure you each enjoyed watching as my attempt to drag my kids down the sidewalk looked more like the last leg of a marathon while holding onto two inflatable tubemen.

Finally, we reached the lobby. SANCTUARY! I approached the desk to sign in and got a pretty amazing stink eye from the receptionist. She couldn’t find our speech program on her schedule and from the looks of it, was not to happy that I made her put down her breakfast sandwich to figure it out. My mind started racing….aww crap….I got the wrong day! Ugh…why didn’t I look at the calendar 86 times instead of 85.  I would have noticed the mistake! Crappola…kill me now.

But wait….the receptionist started to look panicked. Oooo, it’s not my fault after all. Definitely the right day. And then she says those dreaded words no parent wants to hear….”please wait, I need to make a few phone calls, but will be with you in a minute”. Ugh…really? You may as well have given a pixie stick to my kid and told him to nap. Waiting is for suckers…toddlers don’t wait. Toddlers who have to hold mommy’s hand the entire time do.not.wait.  Having no choice, I did what any desperate parent does to avoid a meltdown.  ANYTHING!  Anything at all…including twirling in circles and singing shake it off, shake it off. Taylor always comes to my rescue.

After what felt like ten minutes of spinning, the receptionist informed me that our pathologist has called in sick and says “did she not call you and tell you not to come in?”  I waited.  I just stared at her and waited. And seethed. And waited. Find the right words Danielle, find the right words. “No, she did not call me to cancel. I did not get a message, which is why we are here today…for out scheduled appointment”. Annnnd breathe. Breathe deeply.

She is not sure why I didn’t get a phone call, and can’t re-book our appointment. I will have to call in next week and speak with the sick pathologist. I can not tell you how happy that made me. Said no mom ever!  But apparently I need to be grateful that she offered to validate my parking. So kind!

Impressed with my calm demeanor, I thanked her and headed back to the car. Like a fairy tale waiting to happen…the minute we stepped foot outside, the rain started and Lincoln stopped. Refusing to take a single step and raising his arms, he begged to be carried. Why the frick not kid. Why not. I’ve got no fight left in me, so why not. I picked him up and started our slow as molasses trek back to the car with little miss puddle jumper.  Its ok sweetie…mommy hates dry feet anyway. With one more street to pass, Lincoln started coughing and suddenly my shoulder felt all warm and fuzzy. Yup, I know that smell. That is puke. Faaaantastic.

We made it to the car with a nearly broken arm and I stopped and stared in pure amazement. Some douchebag in a Ford F250 diesel xlt spaceship parked three inches from my driver’s side door. SERIOUSLY!  You are at a children s hospital! You have to realize that most of these cars probably have kids in them and need space, or did my two cars seats in the backseat give you the wrong impression?  Bah.

Normally, I can stand Brooklynn beside the car, she touches the wheel and will stay there while I buckle Lincoln in. But knowing I had to put him in through her door, I was nervous about how long my eye would be off of her. So I did the rational thing. I popped the trunk and sat her inside with my phone. Nothing keeps my little girl still like a piano app. At least she was warm and I could see her. Deal with it.  I got Linc strapped in and was backing out to get Brooke when off went my glasses. He ripped them off my face, smiled at me, and sneezed three-foot boogers all over them.  Forget it, they are all yours now dude. I’m not even gonna try.

Half blind and ready to cry, I cleaned off my coat, grabbed my stow away child and put her in her car seat. Whew. The hard part over. Now to find the most elegant way to crawl across the passenger seat into my driver’s seat and get outta here. I was halfway there when my phone started to ring. I laughed. Like there is any chance in hell I’m gonna be able to answer it right now. I was almost there…just about to spin and sit, happy that I made it through the pontiac jungle gym, when the panic alarm goes off. The keys were in my pocket and somehow I activated that darn alarm. Way to play it stealth.

With the alarm deactivated, and a final wave to the old couple across the way that witnessed everything, I grabbed my phone to see who called. Low and behold, a message was left from the speech therapy office. “So sorry we didn’t call to cancel, our bad.”  Lady, you have no idea.

And you know what….its only 10:46am.

Here kids…take this box of Oreos and go watch Maury.  Mommy’s done.

#FoodieFriday – Stuffed Chicken

Tonight we had one of Alain’s favorites….stuffed chicken..with a bacon blanket 🙂 This is a super easy dinner that can have a million variations.


Things we used:

2 – chicken breasts
10 – bacon slices

2 tbsp – cream cheese
1 tbsp – sour cream
1.5 tbsp – diced red pepper
1 tsbp – diced onion
10-12 – baby spinach leaves
Pinch of parsley flakes

1-2 – sliced cremini mushrooms
1-2 – slices of marble cheese

Salt & Pepper to taste

To start, lay each chicken breast on half of a piece of parchment paper. Fold over the other half and pound thin with a mallet or small pot. I pre-cut a few slices in the thicker part of the breast to make a little pocket which helps to flatten the chicken better.

Salt & pepper each breast and set aside.


Alain hates sour cream or anything remotely similar, so he gets sliced cremini mushrooms and marble cheese.

I looove anything cheesy, so mine is a bit different. I mix the cream cheese, sour cream, pepper, onion and parsley into a paste. Sometimes I add parmesan or feta cheese…whatever is lying around. The sour cream is optional too. I just love the tang and it helps to soften the cream cheese a bit.


Line the breast with the spinach leaves and top with your cheese mixture.


Next, overlap 5 strips of bacon into a lattice pattern.  Repeat for second breast.


Place the chicken in the center of your lattice and wrap the slices around tightly. Flip the breast and place in a baking dish. For a lower fat version, simply wrap two slices of bacon around the entire breast so the stuffing is secure. I prefer to bake it in a small dish so they don’t fall apart as easily.


Bake at 400 for 30-40 mins. Remember that your chicken is essentially hallow…so you don’t need to cook it as long. For crisper bacon, turn the oven up to 500 or broil for the last 5 mins. Watch it carefully and remove if the grease splatters too much!

Serve with rice and a veg 🙂


Nom Nom!