The Dion Quarter Quell…because some days, it feels like the Hunger Games around here.

Back in December I was part of a live chat hosted by Kristen and Zach LaValley with Thrive Intentionally. One of the topics they discussed in-depth was goal setting and the importance if having a solid plan.

I like to think I am pretty self motivated and goal orientated but listening to their advice about being more intentional and detailed really pushed me to re-evaluate my goals.

On January 1st, Alain and I sat down with our notebooks and had a goal setting brain vomit. In the end, we each had about twenty goals on our lists; some of them the same, others completely different. After sorting through all of our ideas, I came up with five categories with monthly and weekly goals laid out all fancy-like on my excel spreadsheet. Color coded of course 😉

So here we are, end of the first quarter, and well…I’m doing great with a few and bombing others. Here’s how things are looking:

Get Organized – I tend to have a lot of weird systems and ways of doing things; often very OCD like. I am the sort of person who can’t function when my life is messy. Everything in my house has its place and routines are an integral part of our day. I think it goes along with having a clear mind. When the house and my life is organized, my mind can focus and I am the best version of myself. That being said, we always have parts of our life that can be tidied up. My goal this year was to get all of our photo books sorted and finished. I had intentions of printing hundreds of pictures and organizing them chronologically into pretty little photo albums. But then I discovered Shutterfly!! With discounts and coupons from store purchases, I was able to create our first photo book for just $12, with free shipping! . This is much simpler than my original plan. I can work on it for five minutes or five hours when time allows and the results are incredibly cute. So far, our books for 2007 and half of 2008 are complete. My other goal is to downsize and empty out my horder closet, which has now taken over the entire storage room. Having kids means you are overwhelmed with clothes and toys, so I am determined to sort everything and sell/donate 90% of our “junk”. This one I can say for sure, is a goal that will be completed. I’ve really focused on cleaning and tagging items for our upcoming London Multiples sale. The LMBA sale is in April, so I should have my storage room back to normal in a month. Yay!

Get Social – Since moving here last year, I have really struggled with missing my friends back home. I had just started to build a really great group of ladies back in Oshawa and I miss them dearly. But it is time to get out if my funk and make new friends. I’ve decided to put more effort into joining meet ups and reaching out to locals via Facebook groups etc. It is hard to meet people when you don’t work. I joined the Multiple Births Chapter last year but never once made it to an event. That was my focus this year and so far…success. We’ve made it to a few play groups and I have become part of the sale committee. Being more active on the Facebook page has been incredibly helpful too. Women I have never even met have gotten me through some hard times with the kids and I can’t possibly be more thankful. I am really excited for more meets ups and club events. The kids are old enough now for organized sports and daycare, so I am sure I will make connections with local moms soon.

Get Healthy – I’ve been working on this one on and off for a while. Apparently having a vacation to look forward to is my only motivation.  We started another biggest loser competition with weekly weigh ins and pretty graphs. Not so much a competition as we have no end day or final prize, but its been a fun way to keep accountable. A few members have done wonderful and have lost over 20lbs. The food aspect has always, and will always, be the hardest part for us. We are foodies and just love to eat. Ordering in has been reduced significantly. Thursdays are cheat days when we get take out and I cook the rest of the week. We have always planned out our meals at least a week in advance and are pretty good at sticking to our list. My struggle lately seems to be coming up with enough healthier meals that we both enjoy and we don’t get bored. I turn to Pintrest a lot for ideas and get suckered into attempting to make recipes that I don’t think we will like, but probably should be eating. Like cauliflower crust pizza dough. Really? That was a total fail. It is much simpler to eat a regular pizza…just not half of it. Maybe portion control should be the real focus here.

Get Reading – I had three goals that pertained to reading; read to the kids more, find a new devotional directed toward women, and complete a book challenge/join book club. Our new bedtime routine allows for 2-5 books to be read nightly, which the kids love. Lincoln starts asking for stories when he is in the bath, so that was a pretty easy one to do. I have yet to get my hands on the devotional book I want, so I have been using an app called She Reads Truth in the mean time. I really like it but still prefer a book I can tote around and smell the pages 🙂 Trying to focus while having Facebook/Twitter notifications chirping away in the background, is really hard! As for the book club…I did join one but it doesn’t seem to be going well. The leaders have only chosen one book and the feedback/interactions are very few. I think I may go back to some of the reading challenges I found on Pintrest and go it alone until I find a new book club.

Get Rich – Isn’t this everyone’s goal? Over the past eight years or so, we have had our ups and downs with debt. Some years we are down to our last penny and other years we are 90% all caught up. Buying houses reeeeally messes up budget plans. We are now working towards the cash only budget and will try to have our mortgage as the only debt. In an effort to save where we can, I’ve been using money-saving apps religiously. Pc Plus is my main one. The food prices are higher at Loblaws but the return and quality is much better. I save $10 or more on average each visit plus get cheaper gas. I often walk out with coupons for 6, 8 or 10 cents off a litre. A few weeks ago I filled my dad’s truck for $0.69 a litre! Pretty sweet. It can take a lot of time to preplan depending how specific you get, but with apps like Snap or Checkout51, you can even reap the rewards after you’ve shopped. Just take a picture of your receipt, claim any eligible coupons and then wait for your money to arrive. Super simple and dummy proof.

Overall, I think we are doing well so far and it is a great feeling to know that we are finally getting out there and making things happen. Living Intentionally! I am happy that we were able to find time early in the year to start setting goals and have managed not to give up.

I just heard through the grapevine today that a spring trip to Jamaca is being planned…looks like I just found some motivation! Whoop whoop!


One thought on “The Dion Quarter Quell…because some days, it feels like the Hunger Games around here.

  1. A very motivational post! I’m currently reading She Reads Truth right now as well. I’m a fan, but like you also prefer physical books to the online/computer copy any day. Keep up your progress toward those fantastic goals 🙂

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