Currently Vol.2

HAPPY Yesterday-was-Monday-and-I-forgot-so-I’m-faking-it-today DAY! I’m back this week with Becky from Choose Happy for her weekly link up, Currently.


Playing – Super Mario WiiU STILL!  We have reached the final secret world and just can’t seem to get past this darn level.  However, we did get some insight from Alain’s friend which helped. A little trick back in world 1 that gives you over 1000 lives. Huzzah! We are definitely going to need those 🙂 The triple crown is equal to 1110 lives, so we wasted a few before I got a pic.


Excited for – Tomorrow! My mom and aunt are with us for a brief pit stop. They are hanging out with us until Sunday before they continue their Thelma and Louise trip down to florida for a month-long stay at a beach home. The kids and I had planned to fly down and stay with them for a week or so…but the new car was much shinier 🙂

Cleaning – Dog poop. Lots and lots of dog poop. This has got to be the worst part of spring for us slackers that let the snow hide the poop all winter long. Bleh.  Suddenly cleaning the windows sounds suuuper fun!

Slacking – on the bathroom reno. Still haven’t touched the bathtub thanks to this darn cold we all keep passing around. I managed to get out today in search of shelving, but the Easter section distracted me and we came home with bags of chocolate, a ton of bubbles and cute little kid crocs. Seriously, best invention ever. I love crocs.  Stuffing little plastic eggs that refuse to seal properly with treats that I will later regret giving to the kids…I don’t love.

Looking forward to – Saturday. We are heading out to the local Sugar Bush for a pancake breakfast and wagon ride. Mmmm maple syrup! In the evening, we are pawning the kids off on my mom and having a real life date night! Mmmm The Keg! Might even sneak in a movie afterward. We’re rebels like that.

How is YOUR week going?  Whatchya up to?


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