Can I just be a big fat whiner for a minute?

You guys, I’m sick.  Like, man cold sick. I have been laying in bed since roughly 6:30pm flip-flopping like a fish because my stupid nose can’t decide which nostril wants to be stuffed up. I’ve sounded like Cindi Lauper for a week now and have slowly progressed into Penny Marshal.  I can’t decide which is worse.

Brooklynn has been screaming “mom” for almost 2 hours because she refuses to fall victim to sleep training. I check on her every 20 mins and when I do, she flops down on her belly, closes her eyes, and doesn’t make a sound.  “Haha mom, you’re a sucker. I’m totally fine but made you drag your 50lb head in here for absolutely no reason.  Now leave so I can call you again. Oh, and I hate Dad right now, so don’t even bother sending him in. Just let him continue watching Walking Dead uninterrupted, kay?”

The rare moment when she is quiet, I lay here staring at my vicks vapo rub like a hyena in heat. So warm and tingly and breathy. Can’t.Get.Enough.

What makes this super sexy, is the oversized chunky knitted sweater I’m wearing from 1980 that has stretched to my knees and the sweet sweet aroma of apple cider vinegar that my husband calls “stinky feet tea”.  In high school we used to drink vinegar packages…it was cheaper than helium and you got the same result.  That probably explains a lot…

I remember when Thursdays were reserved for pre-drinking for the weekend festivities.  #throwbackthursday to when I wasn’t 95 and could handle more than broth. Now I just pray Alain isn’t working so I’m not out numbered with no place to hide.

I am at the age where I actually google to see if you can take Tylenol with NyQuil. I’m convinced everything is gonna kill me. Lame-o McLamerton.

Ugh…time to go pretend I care about my kid right.  Thanks for not un-friending me world.  I’ll do better next time ♥


6 thoughts on “Can I just be a big fat whiner for a minute?

  1. Same thing here right now. Avery wants nothing to do with anyone but me and my head feels like there are tiny little explosions going off. I don’t think I have ever used this many Kleenex’s in my life. I have been wearing Vicks faithfully. Of course husband watched basketball uninterrupted last night. I hope you feel better and I love the man flu pic 🙂

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    • Isn’t it so typical that when you need a break the most, you can’t tear the little gremlin off of you! When I really need a hug and cuddle, they throw Lego at me. When I want alone time, the mere thought of me leaving the room to pee causes tsunami meltdowns. So annoying, yet so cute! lol


  2. I’m sick too. I think the blogging world is contagious. I usually use Vicks when I get these “changing of seasons” colds but I tried an essential oils blend and it is working even better for me. (Lavender rubbed on my sinuses with a little diluting from my moisturiZer) hope everyone feels better soon. As moms we really have to just take care of ourselves and tune out the toddler griping.

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    • Ooooooh I have been teetering on the essential oils bandwagon and really want to try them but am overwhelmed with all the info out there. Glad to hear that they are working for you! That’s encouraging. Hang in there girl!


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