You are Two

Happy Birthday my little Twinados!


Today you are two!

Two entire years have gone by since your very first breath. Two remarkable years and you have not wasted a single moment. You have grabbed on to this big ol’ world with your tiny little hands and have never looked back.

My sweet, sweet Brooklynn, you look exactly like your mommy, but have the personality of your father.  You are gentle, kind, timid, deliberate, thoughtful, considerate, guarded and loving. Strangers have stopped us in stores just to admire your adorable curly hair and fragile doll-like face.  You are a tiny human with a huge personality.  If I would let you, we would cuddle all day, practice our action rhymes and read stories about Minnie Mouse and insects. You are a cautious rebel but haven’t quite figured out how to handle fear yet. You prove this time and time again when you refuse to walk into a room without holding my hand or when you scream “mom” a thousand times a day, just to hear me respond. Always there to assure you that you aren’t, and will never be, alone.  But you are brave when you climb the dining room table, just to stretch out and veg. You are courageous when you scale the back of the couch, lift up onto your tiptoes and reach for the tv remote that I clearly did not hide well enough.  You are caring at bedtime when you bring an extra blanket for your brother and selfless when you always give me your last blueberry.

You are special and good and smart. Your heart leads you and people follow. At just 2 years old, you have won the hearts of everyone you’ve met and have more supporters than you will ever realize.  Daddy and I want great things for you, little girl. We want you to be healthy….so we don’t let you eat sugar after dinner. We want you to be responsible, so we make you help to clean your toys. We want you to be confident, so we sometimes push you out of your comfort zone, knowing you are strong enough to succeed. Our biggest wish for you is to always know…way deep down…that you are loved unconditionally and you are enough.

Mr Lincoln….our little genius with a million faces.  From the moment you were born, you have found a way to make everyone uncomfortable. Grandpa always called you “the judge” because of the stone cold stares, that only you can give, and make anyone feel guilty. Your handsome little eyes look deep into our souls, taking us in bit by bit. You absolutely amaze us every single day. You are careful, curious, patient, strategic, thorough, sensitive, ambitious and the best cuddle monkey in the universe. You have always taken your time.  At just 4 lbs, your tiny little body was born into a great big world and you have never once been intimidated. You study everything, and break it down piece by piece. Deciphering, absorbing and recreating all over again.  There is no try..there is only do.  My heart overflows when I see you sitting in your room, teaching yourself shapes, colors, letters and numbers.  You are my little sponge.

With all of that wisdom comes deep frustration. You are frustrated that the world can not yet understand what you need. You have so many thoughts and feelings that you are dying to let out. Don’t worry little man, the world will be here waiting when you are ready. Keep taking your time and enjoy these moments. They are so precious and will become your favorite memories.

I once had someone laugh at me for referring to you as Twinados. But the truth is, sometimes getting through life means you make it through the storm.  And you, my sweet angels, have brought a whirling, unstoppable force into our lives. One we dreamt of, but could never possibly prepare for. Our journey into parenthood was not easy and was one of the hardest times for me. One day when you are feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders and have forgotten how to have faith, I will share that story with you. I broke once too, but you both have found a way to make me whole again.

In your very first bedroom, Daddy and I put this quote on your wall.  It was true then and even truer now. We love you.

“Promise me you will always remember…you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more that you will ever know”                                                        -Christopher Robin to Pooh Bear


6 thoughts on “You are Two

  1. This is the best thing you have ever wrote and it’s priceless… are your 2 lil twinado’s! Love you all. Thank you for writing this to your children Danielle. Someday it will mean the world to them.

    Liked by 1 person

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