Fit for a Princess


This year our Valentine’s Day celebration was put on the back burner as the kids and I were travelling north for what turned into a week in frigid hell! Good news for hubs, sad news for mommy.

While we were away, Alain had been working a super crazy schedule and barely had time to eat; his back and the poor dogs’ bladders felt the brunt of it unfortunately. Knowing he was having such a rough and stressful time, I put on my loving wifey hat and decided to splurge a little. Time to finally buy something I knew we could both enjoy when I got home.

It has been almost two weeks since I made that secret purchase and we finally got a chance to use my new toy last night. The kids were up late, and as I stared at the clock singing “you are my sunshine” for the 100th time, I was afraid we would both be too tired and too frustrated to play. But we made the time. When you are married with kids, time alone is a luxury. You have to make time for each other every day, or you begin to drift apart. Sometimes you drift so far, that you can’t find your way back home. Something I never want to experience.

When I finally showed him my new toy, he had a grin from ear to ear. With two shades of soft pink, and blue and yellow accents, this thing is very girly and cute. My little wonder is super durable and fits perfectly in our hands. It can be used solo or with a partner. With a simple push of a button, it comes to life and even lights up! I just love it!

I have been wanting one for a while and often found myself window shopping but was always too cheap and embarrassed to buy one. Guess I never wanted to admit that I was “that kind of girl”.

We were up until almost midnight playing….and laughing and moaning. It was perfect. We needed this time alone badly. I am certain we both woke this morning with smiles on our faces, eager to play again soon.

No, we did not reenact a scene from 50 Shades of Grey…get your head outta the gutter. Gee Wiz!


I just bought the Princess Peach Wii remote. We beat Super Mario on the WiiU last night and activated the special levels. Whoop whoop!


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