When being Unplugged is Unacceptable

You know what drives me insane? Like, teeth grinding, leg twitching, white knuckling insane? A lot of things actually. For instance, those times when you are having a conversation and the person you are speaking with cuts you off mid sentence. Then later, when you finally get a chance to continue your thought, you completely forget what you wanted to say. Grinds my gears!

But tonight, the insanity derives from something much more mundane. Waiting 18 minutes for my picture to load to a Facebook message only to have it fail. You know why this drives me bonkers? Because its 2015!!! Holy guacamole…I am 99 percent certain that I just drove eight hours north and ended up in 2001. I am one step away from having to forward my calls because I need to check my email. Can you hear that? Yup…that is the ear-piercing sound of dial-up.


I miss my cable internet. I miss the ease of having a question, being unsure of the answer and googling it instantly. Now…I have to sit and stew until find my own answer…using my brain. Ugh. It hurts.

I miss feeling hungry and pulling up Pinterest for snack ideas that immediately curb my craving. Last night, it was almost 8pm and I could not think of a single thing I wanted to eat. I was starving because my brain wouldn’t think. How is this even a problem?

This morning, I actually typed out an email, pressed send, then went to the kitchen to make a coffee. I returned a short while later to make sure the message sent completely….and guess what…it didn’t. Bah…annoying.

I started downloading the latest episode of “The Bachelor” at noon. It is now 9:41pm and I’m only at 65%. Last week, it took me 3 minutes.

First world problems. Believe me, I KNOW! I am positive this post is screaming selfish but it is so hard to deny the truth. Cable internet might just be the best thing since sliced bread. And I loooove bread. Especially the pre sliced stuff!

Hmph. Thank you TekSaavy for always delivering super fast, unlimited cable internet to my house. That is all.


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