Good weeks are good. Bad weeks are crap.

Last week wasn’t my best.  Bad news sends me straight into a downward spiral no matter how prepared I think I am. Every.Single.Time  I’m having a pity party with ninja star confetti and you’re all invited! I’m horrible…and very sorry to everyone who knows me during those moments. Its not pretty. Thank you for not calling an intervention.


But this week…this week I got my shiznit in order. This week has been good.  Timing is funny that way.

We got our game faces on, I got my fanciest list writing pen ready and we made a plan. We now have answers to the lingering questions that were making me crazy. We found resolutions for life’s little road bumps that were stressing me out. And we’ve come to terms with some hard truths that were weighing us down.  Its been a good week for my emotions.  Not a great week since the kids are sick and are so thoughtfully sharing every last germ with mommy…but pretty good nonetheless.

Even during our week of rainbows and butterflies…poor Al heard these very calm rational comments from me:

“If people weren’t so frickin’ dumb I wouldn’t have to be so smart”

“Why does this always happen to us? Like, really? Who did we piss off?”

“These kids are never going out in public again. We are moving to a farm and turning Amish”

Yes boys…you missed out on this! I totally get why people say women are crazy. When things are hard…we say ridiculous things and eat an entire bag of Oreos with a side of heavily salted pistachios and then complain about how distant our spouses are and how fat our asses have gotten.  Holy hormones.  I’m sorry men everywhere. We are certified cray cray.(That one is for you Dave)

A good week is fun for everyone. Food is cooked THREE times a day! Clothes are washed, folded and put away. All the dishes remain in the cupboard, in one piece. Maybe that last one is a ginger trait…just a guess.

So thank you Al for loving me during our good weeks and not running for the hills during the bad ones. And for buying me a car…that was pretty cool too 🙂  But I still expect Lindors for Valentines day…you have been warned.


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