My BFF’s Melissa & Doug

Last night I was laying on Brooklynn’s bedroom floor half asleep and praying that 9pm would hurry up and get here so we could all go to bed.  Having absolutely no energy, I laid on her floor and watched as the kids threw every single megablock down the hall….well thats going to be a minefield to walk on later. I watched as Brooklynn took all her clothes out of her dresser and tossed them in her ball pit…I won’t be able to sleep before refolding and putting those away…thanks kid. I watched as the dogs came in and ripped a cracker from Lincoln’s hand and he cried…please don’t make me get up and get you another one dude!  I was just too tired to care.  Mom of the year over here for sure.

Once the meltdowns ended, everyone seemed to go to their separate corners and played quietly.  It dawned on me that the entire house was suddenly quiet, with the exception of Linc’s little voice as he stacked wooden alphabet blocks and practiced his counting.  Without any help, he repeatedly counted to 5 as he stacked each block, and when he forgot a number, he examined the block and said the letter on it instead. My little man will be 2 in March, but knows his numbers, colors, and letters by heart. It.Is.Unbelievable.

I would love to take all the credit here, but I really can’t.  I am pretty sure I owe most of his genius to Melissa and Doug. What started out as a small business out of Doug’s garage has turned into the most amazing collection of educational toys a parent could ask for. Over 2000 high quality, durable and highly engaging toys for kids of all ages over the past 25 years is pretty awesome. Nothing is battery operated. Kids are challenged to use their minds and creativity to solve clunky wooden puzzles, build pirate ships from cardboard bricks and role play as train conductors, doctors and parents with costume sets.

I’ve spent hours searching for missing puzzle pieces and probably swore way too many times after stepping on blocks, but laying there, watching my kids figure out shapes and how thing work together is pretty amazing. I feel so blessed to have these moments with them, even if it only lasts 12 seconds. Thank you Melissa and Doug for all that you do for children and their tired parents 🙂

Check out the Melissa anmelissa-doug-toysd Doug website for yourself, you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Shout out to for free shipping on M&D products too.  Well all know how much I LOVES that!


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