Snow Days!


Thankfully, I am a stay at home mom, so snow days aren’t a big deal around here….usually!

Every winter we are pretty much guaranteed to get two or three big snow storms that shut down all the schools and give most kids a much appreciated day off. As the wife of a man who doesn’t believe in snow days, nor does his company…having his job cancelled for the day is a BIG deal. Huge! Mega! Ginormous! Like, lets have a parade BIG!  Working in a time sensitive industry, any delay can be crucial and often, more stressful than bearing down and driving through a wall of snow.  However, today my friends, today for the first time in years, hubby took a snow day.  And so far, its been pretty darn fun.  We cooked breakfast together; english muffins and cheerios is intense yall!  He played with the lil monsters while I happily shoveled the driveway. And then, as the kids took turns napping, we hung out in the basement playing Super Mario Bros and had full out DEFCON 1 meltdowns when we fell off cliffs or jumped into koombas that ultimately left us in failure…again…and again…and again.  I’ll admit, I get a little crazy each time a princess dies because her stupid little plumber keeps knocking her off platforms!  But really…this is pure heaven for us nerdy folk.

Yup, sometimes, living in the north is pretty frickin’ awesome.  Thank you mother nature for family bonding time. And for finally passing world 4 🙂


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