This post should really be about warmth of the heart and loving yourself and blah blah blah….but its not. Nope.  Today, I am simply grateful for heat. The ability to walk down my hall and press the red up arrow on my fancy LED thermostat and immediately blast warm, calming air throughout the house without a second thought.  The temperature today is only about -14c, so for Canadian standards, its warm.  Living in Winnipeg certainly made me appreciate how warm -14c truly is. From December to February, temperatures of -40c to -50c with the wind chill are normal. My last winter there was so cold, we only had two snowfalls that were worth shoveling.  Even the show thinks Winnipeg is too cold!

So thank you natural gas heating. No oil tanks to fill. No wood to split and stack. No fire hazard baseboards to worry about. First world problems indeed!

Did you know…

The average temperature on Mars is -63C. Somebody get those marshins a fireplace!


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