30 Days of Gratitude


February is just around the corner and thinking about all the lovely doveyness floating around right now, I’ve decided to take on a new monthly challenge. The 30 days of Gratitude. And thanks to you February for only being 28 days…makes my job a little easier 🙂  One of my goals this year (shout out to Kristen at When At Home for the push!), is to be more present and live in the moment.  I always seem to be planning ahead, and quite often, it is all wishful thinking!  I am constantly perusing travel sites for our next vacation spot, or abusing Pinterest looking for my next reno project. If you look at my wall calendar, you will be sure to find a countdown to something, anything. I spend so much time looking toward the future that I am missing our present. My focus always seems to be on the bigger moments of our life instead of sitting and enjoying the smaller ones, that make each day special.  So here’s to the next 28 days of finding ordinary, mundane and even some extraordinary everyday reasons to be thankful.

If you’ve never taken part in a similar challenge, or maybe you really enjoyed it the first time, I invite you to play along and remind yourself of what you are thankful for in your own lives. Keep notes in a journal at home, or share your thoughts each day all the way down there in the comments section if you like.  Whatever floats yer boat!


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