Why every little boy needs his mommy…

Earlier tonight, after having rocked Little Miss to sleep and successfully getting her into bed ninja style, I decided to head to the basement and work on learning how to finally start a big girl blog.  A short while later, I received a text….from my husband….who was 30 feet away from me….asking me to come help him put our son to sleep. Wee Man wasn’t cooperating and daddy-o was getting impatient.  I stomped my feet…just a little, but went to help him anyway.  Why isn’t our son asleep yet? Because all the lights are on, the tv is at volume level 1000, and he is running back and forth on the couch sprinkling milk from his 100% guaranteed, leak proof sippy cup everywhere…gee wiz, I wouldn’t go to bed either! Not when the color train is chugging down the track all bright and cheerful like that.

I sent Dad to his room and got Lincoln settled into his pre-coma state when I noticed my arm was feeling suuuper sweaty. Really child?  Mid January and you’re sweating all over me?  Then the alarm bells went off.  Nope. Not sweat.  Someone just peed on me.  Awesome.   He was feeling like a sac of potato by now, so then came that internal struggle. Do I risk waking him again by changing his diaper…or, do the normal mommy thing, and pretend it didn’t happen in hopes that he sleeps through the night.  Oh no?  You don’t do that?  Well…me either…I was just sayin’.   Guilt won and I ended up asking Alain to bring me a new diaper and jammies.  “He’s wet?  Hmm, maybe I didn’t put it on right?…but wait, it was a Pull Ups?”  So here I stand, both of us soaked, Alain tres confused…annnnnd then it happened.  Yup…that pull ups diaper was disguised as a swimming diaper. My poor boy was soaking wet and wide awake because his daddy put him in a swimming diaper! You know, those ones that aren’t meant to soak up ANYTHING..not even air!  Awesome.  A few head shakes, giggling and a quick change, then back to bed.  But now I find myself alone in the living room, rocking my son back into his coma while silently shaking…like jello on a dryer…because I just can’t stop replaying that moment.  A swimming diaper dad? Really? Perfect.Timing.  As usual. Please go to sleep baby…mommy is just crazy.

That my friends, is exactly what this blog is about.  Our missteps, failures, and joyous moments that make our life pretty freakin amazing. Thanks babe for my first post…I’m sure there will be many more to come…and for that, I am sorry ♥


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