Ode to Chicken Wing

I’ve spent the better part of my day revisiting some old blog posts that I had published on various sites over the years and am working on compiling them all here, for you fine folks.  Anyone who has found themselves attached to a laptop all day can agree…dinner is not going to cook itself and now, neither am I. So take-out it is! I stumbled upon this gem a few minutes ago and it pretty much sums up how I’m feeling right about now…so enjoy!

– You know those days when you wake up thinking about chicken wings and just can’t stop? You go for your morning pee…sounds like wings sizzling. You brush your teeth…the toothpaste tastes like buffalo sauce. Making eggs for breakfast…but wishing you had the whole chicken.


It has been one of those days. Three times I googled the Wild Wings menu to peruse their 50+ sauces and see if I wanted to try a new flavor….spice it up a little. Nope. I still just want Red Hot & Blue…extra saucy. I asked hubby what he wanted for dinner…”I don’t care, you decide. Its pay day, so order something if you don’t wanna cook”. He may as well have started the car…cause Momma wants wings!

Humph….I made a shrimp stir fry 😦

It didn’t taste anything like those greasy, battered vessels smothered in beautiful savory sauce….yummm.

Damn you diet and your calorie counting bull honkey! –

Guess what, its almost weigh day AGAIN. I think that I should be smart and make that stir fry AGAIN.

But whateves, chicken wings are awesome.


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